Mixers, Desuperheater, Venturi scrubber

By utilizing the ventury various requirement for fluid transport are satisfied including transport of liquid, gas, mixing super heating or de-super-heating. Many other applications are possible like, separation or fluid recovery with various techniques.

Jet ventury (liquid, vapour and gas)

Our products are manufactured 100% in Italy with very high performance and an optimum ratio between quality and price. TFI Srl is a primary supplier for many very important Companies both national and international. The design is carried out in house by professional with long background in similar applications in operation since many years.

Design and fabrication of:

· Ejectors

· Vacuum systems

· Ventury scrubber

· Heat exchangers

· Thermocompressors

· De-super-heaters

· Vacuum pumps



  • Chemical and Petrochemical industry Solvents recovery Concentration and evaporation systems


  • Barometric condensers with mixer and multi-stage De-super-heaters, thermal compressors


  • Energy Sector Vacuum equipments for turbines