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Equipments used for safe and quick blinding of pipes very similar to very rapid closing valves. These devices are used, for the very short time required to insert
blind a pipe (from 20 sec to 3 minutes).
It’ s an effective way to replace blind disc (figure eight type) between two flanges in a piping. This devicek use to be long and critical requiring some time: hours. Line-blind has improved this operation and reduced the time necessary to carry on the application to few minutes with automatic opening systems. This is translated in a quicker shutdown/start
up of the plant and thus production benefit, minimized pollution and very short exposition of workers to fuggitive emissions.

Cut-off systems for periodic isolation of piping


· Safety
· Very short time to change
· Minimising pollution
· Very low operating costs
· Increase of production


  • Cut-off of blow down system to flares


  • Stainless  steel PLB LINEBLIND


  • Twin interlocked lineblind