Process burners are equipments used to supply heat inside process heaters For work in the refineries and petrochemical plants. Process burners are also used in INCINERATORS, THERMAL OXIDIZER, AIR HEATERS AND COMBUSTORS generally used in the industry where heat From fuels is required.

· Ultra low Nox burners for process heaters

· High intensity burners

· Igniters with incorporated flame detection device

· Incinerators for liquids and gas

· Incinerators for sulphur recovery plants

· Burners for mixing chambers

· Scot line burners

· Inert gas generators

· Air heaters directly fired

· Technical assistance for combustion equipments and accessories

· Burners spare parts


  • Process Burner: Heavy fuel oil, fuel gas or any other combustible Fluid can be burnt on process burners, self inspirating Natural and forced draft type, complete with pilot Thermopile, IR electrode, UV or Ionization Rods for Safety in all conditions


  • Water bath heaters: Tipical installation of premix natural draft burnerwith tall flue gas stacks.


  • Natural draft burners: Natural draft burners for water bath process. Close view of the burner with controls.


  • Oxy burner for special aluminium process: This burner is fed with pure oxigen in order to increase flame temperature and decrease flame dimensions