Business Ethics





TECNOFORNINDUSTRIA decided, from March 2017, to become part of Business Integrity Forum, promoted by Transparency International Italy and so it has got the “Charter of Ethical Principles PMI (www.tfi.it/contrib/uploads/kit_1-Carta-Principi-Etici.pdf).

The “Charter of Ethical Principles” is a voluntary statement of the company that subscribes to these principles, into their business practices, to help create a climate of transparency, integrity and trust for activities in and outside of their organization.


Policy and System Reports

TECNOFORNINDUSTRIA has got a “whistleblowing” system as part of its internal control activities, aimed at preventing crimes, which can be used by:

EMPLOYEES, PARTNERS in various capacities, BUSINESS PARTNERS and SUPPLIERS in order to report situations, requests or initiatives which are not in line with the principles established by the Code of Ethics and by the Charter of Ethical Principles.


What is the object of the Procedure? What can they reported?

Are included any behavior that constitutes or may constitute possible violations of laws, regulations or internal company procedures, including violations of the code of ethics, such as offers of money or gifts in exchange for orders, obtaining assignments, violation of safety procedures, etc.


What kind of information must be contained in a report?

Reporting, also anonymous, is not a complaint, and must to be based on evidence obtained directly, to allow an appropriate response.


Who is the receiver of the reports?

The reports, which are operated in a confidential and safe environment under the italian laws of Dlgs. 231/2001, may be addressed to:


What are the duties of those who receive the message?

The addresses of the report will provide a first screening in terms of eligibility, if the response is positive, will begin an internal investigation, even taking confidential the identity of the informant. The addresses will issue a report to be sent to the Administration Council for any internal measures. During the procedure, the whistleblower will be updated through feedback.


You can make anonymous reports?

Yes, the reports should be as detailed as possible and may not be considered in the absence of accurate and complete information.


What are the protections for the whistleblower?

It’s protected the confidentiality against any person subject to reporting, but also to third parties. To this purpose, actions and the necessary steps against anyone who engages in retaliation against the whistleblower, will be taken.


What are the safeguards for person subject to reporting?

No disciplinary action will be taken to a subject reported only for the signaling effect, it will be taken only if the reporting is established internally.


In the procedure penalty are expected?

Penalty are foreseen against:

–       Those who abuse of the procedure with information deliberately defamatory;

–       The recipient of messages that do not carry out appropriate verification activities;

–       Any other parties who refuse to cooperate with the intended recipient to verify the report;

–       Those who threaten retaliation actions or do damage against the whistleblower.