Flares are equipments used to dispose to the atmosphere by combustion, in normal and emergency conditions, of very large quantities of combustible gas minimizing pollution from smoke, noise and poison components.


  • Offshore Flare System: This flare is used on an offshore production platform on open sea which burns natural gas originated from liquid petroleum before recovery plant is completed.


  • 125m. Derrick Elevated Flare: Elevated flare is used on refining plants. As very large quantities of flared gas give rise to enormous quantity of heat energy, it’s necessary to carry on combustion at over 100 m heights. This is also made to minimize heat flux toward grade and thus on the equipment where flare has been installed.


  • Sonic Flare tipe 100% smokeless: Sonic flare type is used to achieve complete combustion of gas flared without production of smoke.


  • Flare Mol Seal: Molecular seal installed on an elevated flare has the task to avoid that atmospheric air can enter into the flare riser and than to avoid possible explosive mixtures.


  • Supporting Structure: We design and supply all kind of supporting structures (derrick, guyed supported,selfsupported, etc). Our services include also assesment and survey of damages/problems occured to them