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TECNOFORNINDUSTRIA was established in 1996 thank to the wish of the President Mr Giuseppe Romanelli, after a long experience of about thirty years with company leaders in this field, to continue the supply and services of equipments for general manufacture and in specific for Refineries and Petrochemical applications.

The equipments are designed and built in the Headquarter directly from the TFI’s Staff. Sometimes they use also the help of foreign partners.

A complete Team of design engineers, field engineers, project engineers and drafters are maintained along with all back-up services normally with an engineering Company.
The Company’s organization has the necessary flexibility to adjust its operation to the mission and work requirements for each project.
Our technical computing, complete accounting procedure and world processing are performed on our state of the art computer Network.
Application engineering for all products is automated using micro computers running our proprietary software developed to ensure fast and accurate responces to our customer needs.


TFI has got the Atex Certificate and ISO 9001:2015 for insuring the satisfaction of the client thanks to the implementing of procedures for Quality and the continual feed back with the customer.
For experience we can establish that the satisfaction of the Client depends of the difference of the quality that he wants to receive with a specific Product/Service and the Quality that in reality he has received.
TFI is a privately owned Company with familiar Management, who dedicated to serving the Oil, Gas, Petrochimical and Energy Industries with a conscious effort to improve safety while introducing concepts to avoid pollution and energy wastage.